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Chris Lonsdale and Associates partners with Insync Surveys and can offer their world-class range of benchmarked stakeholder surveys to clients.

Insync Surveys helps organisations to get insync with all their stakeholders, including their employees, customers, suppliers and members. It has done surveys in 16 languages across 30 countries.

Insync Surveys' product suite features its Employee Opinion Survey, Organisation Alignment Survey, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, 360° Reviews and Entry/Exit Survey. Insync Surveys also has surveys designed for other stakeholders, such as boards, members, students, community groups and suppliers.

For more information visit www.insyncsurveys.com.au


LanguageCalls connects you with native speakers of your target language. The connection is made over the internet. We use software that allows you to talk to the other person in real time, and use a whiteboard to write and draw. This creates a language learning environment that's as good as going there - maybe even better .

Imagine sitting at your computer. With just a few clicks, you can be conversing and interacting 1-1 with a native speaking Language Coach (teacher), making rapid progress in your language skills.

To enjoy a free trial session of this service, head to www.mandarincalls.com or www.englishcalls.com and register with promotion code 'CLA'.