Quote for the day

"Your role and your ability to communicate with effectiveness and empathy in Chinese has been crucial in this change process - so much so that you are often mentioned as a key contributor by my staff themselves. This is to recognize and express my own appreciation for your role in our success."

David G. Brooks
Vice-President and Region Manager
Global Beverage Company
"The off-sites and the work you have done with most of the team both related to and beyond those events, has had an enormous impact in building the leading Financial Institutions team in Asia."

James von Moltke
Managing Director
Global Investment Bank
"Chris' work in all of these areas has been very exemplary, and I can point to several senior bankers and industry teams that have benefited greatly from Chris' assistance. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chris played an integral role in helping grow the firm's investment banking business in the region."

Cezar P. Consing
Co-Head of Investment Banking
Asia Pacific
Global Investment Bank

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