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There's too much information in the world today. Lack of information used to be a barrier to performance. Now, what matters is whether the information you receive has any meaning. And more importantly, can you use it. Information only has value if you can answer yes to both these.

We continuously scour the world for the best, most useful ideas for individual and organizational development. We also create our own ideas. As we apply them, we learn more about their usefulness. This creates an incredible flow of insights, tools and techniques.

Working on the front line helping our clients address real issues, we document, analyze, and synthesize everything we learn. The results are now available to you via this website. Ideas are presented in a simple, direct, easy-to-use form so you can quickly and easily integrate them into your life and work.

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Our basic site membership includes:

Monthly Newsletter

Every month we produce a short newsletter presenting interesting case studies of people in difficult situations, and how they were able to move beyond.

Each newsletter presents a simple idea or tool that you can apply to your life or organization.

Every month, we will alert you with a short e-mail. You can then visit the site, and download the newsletter as a pdf.

Access to the Newsletter Archive

All newsletters are stored on the database and you can visit and download all previous editions at any time.

Access to Recent Articles

Every few weeks we also produce a new article, addressing some aspect of personal or organizational development. Each article explains patterns that we have uncovered in our work. Existing titles include: "The Wrecking Ball Effect", "Avoiding the Experience Trap", "Leading from Not Knowing", "Family Dynamics and the Boardroom", "The Invisible Shark" and "Overruled by Inaction".

We also display articles from clients and other sources that share learning generated from operating at the margin.

Up to 10 articles from the last six months are available to basic members. Just do a quick search on the site and you can download the pdf of any article that interests you.

Occasional e-mails for your areas of interest

Is there any area or subject of special interest to you? Indicate what it is in your sign-up form and if we come across any relevant snippets in our search for ideas, we will forward them to you.

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Advanced membership

For those fully committed to development and transformation we offer various levels of guided development.

To learn more, please call +852 2982 0703 or email:coach.chris@chrislonsdale.com