"Your broad experience with businesses, your deep intuition about people and groups, and the process that you facilitated for us helped us overcome this natural siloing effect."

JP Morgan Treasury Services Asia-Pacific
Simon Jones (head of sales) and Kevan Albrighton (head of product)
Global Investment BAnk

Brain equity© - Competitive advantage for today and tomorrow

Business will never be the same. Modern technology is increasingly available to anyone, anywhere, at lower and lower prices. New ideas, implemented effectively, can alter the structure of a whole market. A startup company in India or China can compete globally against the biggest multi-nationals. New business models are being created almost daily. The challenges for individuals, and for companies, seem to be increasing exponentially.

In this environment the only sustainable source of competitive advantage is in people's heads. We call it Brain Equity© - the value that can be found in the minds of people, individually and collectively. Brain Equity© is the ultimate source of all other forms of value. It is the ability to move flexibly, to continuously innovate, to create new possibilities, and to implement them effectively and rapidly. It is the ability to learn new things, in new ways, and to integrate that learning into ever-higher levels of performance and satisfaction. For yourself, and for others.

Since the early 90's, Chris Lonsdale has been working with individuals and organizations, helping them to move beyond current limits to enhance their performance and wellbeing. Specializing in the use of powerful approaches to individual and organizational development Chris' work has resulted in very tangible benefits for our clients.

Value is Created by Human Brains

The things that people create, from objects to processes to ideas to ways of doing things, are what come to be valued in society. Sometimes the creation of value is done alone. Sometimes it is done in groups. And it always involves the human brain, the human mind.

The better people's brains function the more "value" that can be created. We call this Brain Equity ©. It is part of our mission to do whatever is needed to help individuals and groups function at the highest possible levels. We do this by finding ways to enhance the Brain Equity © of every individual or group that we work with.

(Definition: Brain Equity - The Potential and Realized Value Created by Human Brains)