"In the beginning there was nothing, and then someone had an idea. And it was good. And after some effort and the overcoming of many challenges, the idea became reality. And it provided a platform for many new ideas. And, in time, these ideas too became reality. Some of them made money. Others were praised. And all added to the richness of life."

Chris Lonsdale

Enhancing Brain Equity

Definition: Brain Equity - The Potential and Realized Value Created by Human Brains

The things that people create, from objects to processes to ideas to ways of doing things, are what come to be valued in society. Sometimes people create value alone, in a small room. Sometimes value is created in groups. And it always involves the human brain and the human mind.

The better people's brains function the more "value" that can be created. We call this Brain Equity ©. It is part of our mission to do whatever is needed to help individuals and groups function at the highest possible levels. We do this by finding ways to enhance the total Brain Equity © of every individual or group that we work with.