"The results of these three undertakings have been outstanding; providing personal and professional benefits for me, my business, and my team. Your role has been unique. You move seamlessly between personal issues, team dynamics, and hard-nosed business issues. This has brought my team to where we have been able to apply these insights to the significant betterment of ourselves, and our businesses."

Lawrence Gaffaney
Chief Executive Officer
St. George Capital


Success in modern organizations depends on a mixture of seamless teamwork and highly skilled individual performances. For this to happen, people need to learn a lot of skills and information rapidly.

Chris Lonsdale & Associates has developed a methodology we call Real-Time-Enabling©. This ensures rapid learning and integration of skills, at even the most senior levels, while contributing immediately and directly to business development.


Working on the Coal Face - building a high performance executive team

The situation

A Hong Kong based medium-sized manufacturing company with factories in China faced several problems. The business was growing rapidly and the founder was concerned about not having a worthy successor. The founder's son was working in the business, but was not yet ready to take over the reins.

As with any family business, there was tension between father and the son. There was also tension among the senior team, leading to a performance drain. Due to the company's rapid growth, the senior team was out of its depth and urgently needed to learn new skills to cope.

Rapid skill enhancement was required.

The process

To address this situation, Chris Lonsdale & Associates implemented a Real-Time-Enabling© process involving several elements:

  • one-on-one coaching with each member of the senior team, addressing personal strengths and weaknesses
  • facilitation of business focus sessions over a six month period, addressing both strategic thinking and internal communication issues
  • real time observation and feedback on all aspects of management, leadership, and customer handling.

The results

The company has continued to grow at over 25% per year. Though still involved in the business, the founder can now take more of a back seat. The senior management team now operates as an integrated unit effectively managing current growth and prepared for future opportunities.

The company has developed a momentum that will soon make it a world leader in its field.


A hallmark of the Real-Time-Enabling© process is close involvement in day-to-day business activities. With this process, Chris Lonsdale personally joins a senior team and coaches/facilitates them around real business issues. Because issues are current and meaningful, learning happens quickly and real business problems get solved.

Real-Time-Enabling© power lies in its ability to pinpoint a knowledge or skill gap in real time, and help people make immediate adjustments. Because information is delivered "just in time" and is of immediate relevance, it meets the criteria of the human brain for effective learning. Therefore, people easily and rapidly build new learning into their personal performance.

What might take days, or months using traditional training methods can happen in just a few minutes.

Chris Lonsdale can provide this service due to his broad experience and ability to rapidly diagnose complex situations. In addition, Chris Lonsdale & Associates carries out ongoing research into the world's current best techniques and methods and continually updates our clients on these.

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