"Chris Lonsdale is an exceptional coach and I would recommend him without hesitation. His wide range of skills and interests make for a powerful package which he brings forth with enthusiasm."

David Sloan
Vice President
Global Mergers & Acquisitions
Global Investment Bank
"Mr. Chris Lonsdale has been acting in the capacity as personal executive coach for me as well as for a number of my fellow colleagues in the bank. He has demonstrated extreme professionalism and has been very effective in diagnosing complex issues in a very short time frame. An unique aspect of Mr. Lonsdale's work is the way in which he brings new concepts and tools into focus exactly when and where needed, creating useful and fruitful results."

Margaret Leung,
Vice President
Global Investment Bank
"I personally really enjoyed the sessions and found the time spent productive and mind provoking. Feedback from the sessions has been put to good use and I have seen tangible evidence of improvement in the way I conduct business. For that, I thank Chris.

It therefore goes without saying that I wholeheartedly recommend Chris as a good and effective personal coach."

Philip Lee
Managing Director
Global Investment Bank
"Chris Lonsdale has been working with me for two years and the results have been absolutely amazing. My life will never be the same again... thanks to Chris...as some of them were truly life-changing experiences.

For the first time in my life, I can see things clearly, am no longer confused and am experiencing a calmness, never felt before. I feel powerful, focused, resourceful and can now utilize my skills and knowledge in a totally effective way".

Maisie Chung
The result of working with Chris was to do far more than just answer some questions. I have come away with a sense of confidence that I can do far more that I have previously thought possible, and have a quiet inner calm that constantly makes me smile at the world.

I am sure that if you wish to take the journey with Chris's help, you will learn so much and have some fun along the way that you will never forget the experience.

Greg Spooner

Life coaching for personal breakthroughs

There are times in life when you come to a breakpoint-an opportunity to either go beyond your current situation, or stagnate and fall back. You sense that you must change something, and there will be consequences if you don't.

You know change will have intellectual, emotional, social and practical implications. You need to learn new tools and new ways of thinking. You need to explore your reaction to things, and develop different behaviors that will help you get different results. You need to think in different ways, see things from different perspectives, and develop your emotional intelligence to a new level.

Personal challenge is a critical component for this to happen. You need to be challenged, often at very fundamental levels. This process requires a partner-an advisor and coach who will help you pass safely and successfully beyond the breakpoint to a new level.

Why a life coach?

If you know all the answers, and can see every angle to the issues you face, then you probably don't need a coach. However two heads are usually better than one. As you can't always rely on the people around you for the best advice, a coach can add real value.

Personal coaching by Chris Lonsdale

Every year, Chris Lonsdale individually coaches a small number of clients. Each program is individually tailored based on your goals, and the issues you must address. Sometimes a low intensity process, involving a phone call every few weeks, is enough. In other cases a more intensive process is required.

Because everyone is different, I provide various levels of coaching. Low intensity coaching normally required just a short phone call each month, supported by accessing materials available on this website site.

With more complex issues, an intensive program involving in-depth exploration may be required. To find out what will work best for you, click here to complete a short questionnaire.

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