DNAm© - reproducing the structure of talent

Imagine if even a small percentage of the average performers in your organization could learn to do the things done by your top performers. How much value could be added to your business? Tens of thousands of dollars? Tens of millions, more likely?

An Example


"Making Rain:" quantum enhancement of sales performance in an investment bank

The situation

A multi-national investment bank with offices and hundreds of people throughout Asia, had a problem. Eighty-percent of revenue was being generated by just three people, and most of that by just one person. Clearly, the organization didn't pass the "bus test." Senior leadership understood that on one hand the business was at risk. They also knew that to get the performance gains they needed, a new approach was required.

Chris Lonsdale & Associates was approached to develop a program for enhancing performance and broadening the productive base within the firm. DNAm© was the methodology of choice.

The process

The process involved interviewing, videotaping, and shadowing the three top performers. The data collected was used to identify a number of very specific things these top performers were doing. Things that led to the extraordinary sales results they were achieving?habits, particular ways of talking, even ways of thinking.

Once we understood what the stars were doing, we put this into what is known as "The Rainmaker Model". This model explains all the key elements that a person needs to master to generate high volumes of quality business within the investment banking milieu. We then worked with a group of individuals who were targeted to receive the model. Work was done through a one-to-one coaching process, and lasted for a number of months.

The results

As a direct result of the DNAm© process, the recipients of the model had rapid and significant gains to their ability to build business. They were able to build relationships with clients that previously had eluded them. They were able to close more deals, close them faster, and secure higher fee levels than before. Many millions of dollars were added to the revenue stream as a direct result of the program, and the company's business "franchise" was significantly enhanced throughout the Asian region.

The DNAm© process - taking the mystery out of talent

Within any organization you will have a range of talent, from the very best, all the way down to a small group of underperformers. Of course, most people will be somewhere in the middle. You may take that for granted, and think that leadership or management is about working around the weaknesses of others. Quite possibly you hold the view that talented people are born with their talent, and that others will never get to that level. Some people even talk about peopling haing the "DNA" for a particular job.

Chris Lonsdale & Associates has developed a process that takes the mystery out of talent. We are able to deconstruct the different elements that go to make up the peak performance of top people, and to transfer these elements to others. This leads to quantum changes in the performance of your people.

We call the process DNAm©. This stands for Mental DNA.

The ability of talented people to do what they do stems from a number of factors. Invisible to the untrained eye, they happen inside a person's head and include:

  • How they think about their job
  • The beliefs they hold about certain things
  • Specific mental "programs" they use to do certain tasks

In the DNAm© process we uncover these elements and explore their relevance to the performance in question. Once the links are made, the model is ready for "injection". Then the fun begins.

When you are ready to take your organization, or your own performance to a whole new level, contact us. You'll be surprised at what can be achieved.

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